We give you the power to remove the people risk

So you can go about your business with employees you can trust

RosaCheck is first amongst Nigeria’s corporate security blue-bloods. Through training by the best and decades of hard experience in the security trenches, RosaCheck has perfected the art of protecting company assets. As a pioneer in its field, RosaCheck deploys dishonesty detection solutions that thoroughly deal with new threats as they arise.

RosaCheck was formed to embrace the next evolutionary stage in the screening and verification process of employees in the increasingly larger and more complicated employment sector. With the understanding that screening of employees cannot effectively be said to have been carried out by the use of raw data or word of mouth, ROSACheck dedicates its expertise in helping organizations of all sizes to productively implement, control and manage their screening processes by tailor making solutions to suit the needs of the client and the type of business, and then implementing simple, streamlined solutions.

The primary objective and value of RosaCheck is to seal and safeguard our clients against potential deceptive and fraudulent employees. A major element to RosaCheck’s drive is aside from providing effective, customized checks, is the turnaround time. An issue that clients consistently state has been a problem in the past. Through our exclusive strategic and technical partnership with iFacts™, a distinguished South African screening company, RosaCheck offers pre-integrated screening solutions that allows the company to broaden its range of service products.

Our firm shares the same ideals with our partners when it comes to the workplace also. No matter how big or small an organisation, our objective remains the same- to eliminate risks from employees by developing progressive solutions to employee screening. This is achieved by the development of a holistic employee enhancement program with the direct aim of helping business owners create an honest, loyal, productive and happy workforce. Our Human Resources solutions are one of the most comprehensive innovations one can find in today’s market.


The drive is simple- eliminate the people risk in order to allow business to do business and prosper.