Sick days cost the economy R16 billion a year

Sick days cost the economy R16 billion a year

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Kevin just can’t seem to shake the pesky cold he’s had since November. Jane has been struggling to get back into her work ever since her beloved poodle, Frou Frou passed away. Life happens, but when it happens to your employees, it affects you as well. In fact, it’s costing your business a lot of money.


What is your employees’ bad health costing your company? Have you considered how much value you may have lost in sick leave, low productivity and a decrease in overall morale?

What’s the damage?

According to recent data released by Occupational Health South Africa and Statistics SA, workplace absenteeism costs the South African economy a whopping R16 billion a year, the top causes of which are diabetes and depression. Imagine how this must impact your profitability as a small business?

“Presenteeism,” another damaging corporate phenomenon, happens when employees with health conditions decide to show up at work anyway. The problem with this is that employees who are unable to perform at full capacity can be a greater drain on the overall company’s productivity than if they were absent- a finding that could come as a surprise to many employers.

Are your employees fulfilled? Do they feel like they are making a valuable contribution to your business? How employees feel about their jobs, the significance of their work, and their relationship with their boss and co-workers, all have a critical impact on the organisation’s ability to drive desired and predictable results. The sum of your employees’ behaviours determines your organisation’s overall performance.


What can you do?

The solution is to introduce an integrated wellness programme that can help your employees achieve an effective work-life balance and a happier and healthier state-of-mind.

At iFacts, we believe that happy employees are more creative, motivated, committed and productive. Companies that employ happy employees also see reduced levels of absenteeism and greater productivity with a direct impact on their financial performances.

iFacts offers its clients a unique and comprehensive Employee Wellness Programme, giving them the tools they need to create a culture of well-being and employee health that boosts staff morale and positively reduces absenteeism, staff turnover and healthcare costs. These Wellness Programmes are tailor-made to suit the company, its employees and the unique company culture. They consist of inspirational teambuilding activities and essential counselling services to assist employees in managing personal and financial challenges.

When you know what is going on in your employees’ lives, you will be better equipped to deal with problems as they arise and foster a more creative, productive and happier life for everyone in the office. The happy employee doth the business make.