6 ways to get a green thumbs up

6 ways to get a green thumbs up

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Making your business more eco-friendly is an ongoing commitment but it is one that carries multiple benefits. Not only will your bottom line blossom because you’re cutting costs, but your clients will see that you’re about more than just personal success.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the shift to “green” business, which has left a few businesses feeling overwhelmed. How do you reduce your carbon footprint without blowing your employees’ December bonuses? The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you think.


#1 Get your R’s in a row

The golden (or green) rule of thumb is to follow the three R’s- reduce, reuse and recycle. Apply this rule to everything your business does and you will immediately see the benefits. Inform your employees about your endeavour so everyone is on the same page. Also, make it easier for your employees to hop on board by providing easy access to recycling bins and educating them about which materials can be recycled.


#2 Light Switch

Probably one of the quickest and most effective ways to save energy is to switch to energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs.Compact fluorescent bulbs use 15 to 20 percent of the energy of an incandescent bulb, plus they last longer and produce as much light. This might seem like an insignificant change but it all adds up, especially if your office building has several floors.



#3 Installmotion sensors 

Have you ever wished you could just clap your hands to turn the lightson?Well an easy (and just as impressive) way to cut energy costs is by installing motion sensors that will switch lights on or off when you walk into (or out of) a room. This works particularly well in rooms that don’t get a lot of traffic, such as restrooms, boardrooms or printing areas.



#4 Print only when necessary

Offices waste a lot of paper. Start an office-wide paper-free drive where you encourage all of your employees to save paper wherever possible. Communicate strictly via email or phone and print double-sided when possible. If paper is used, encourage your employees to recycle it afterwards.


#5 Power Off

Ensure that your employees are all turning off their computers at the close of each business day. This small and simple habit will help you cut back on about 50% of wasted energy.



#6 Install motion sensors for water

One drop of water wasted per second adds up to 10,000 litres per year- a frightening statistic. To prevent this, install motion sensors in office restrooms so that taps cannot be accidentally left on. Also, perform regular maintenance checks so that leaky taps or toilet glitches are picked up as soon as they occur.


Going green will benefit both the environment and your business. By cutting costs, you can spend more money in other areas that may have been neglected, until now. Above all, stay committed to your green venture. It takes work to keep your employees on board but by keeping them informed you will also harness their commitment and understanding. After all, nothing worthwhile is ever easy.