RosaCheck Integrity Testing

RosaCheck Integrity Testing

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One of the most fundamental values that employers look for in the employees they hire is integrity. It is the hallmark of an individual who demonstrates good ethical and moral principles in the workplace.

Every business benefits from integrity in the workplace, as it involves honesty, moral judgement and character. Those who show integrity at work not only understand what’s right and wrong but they also practice it in what they do at work.

Here are some examples of integrity in the workplace:
• Showing respect to colleagues
• Handing in any lost property you find
• Arriving to work on time
• Working together as a team
• Not making personal phone calls or using the internet during work time
• Adhering to company policies and procedures
• Owning up if you’ve made a mistake, not letting someone else take the blame
• Never stealing from work
• Not accepting praise for something a colleague did
• If you are asked to do something by your employer which goes against your personal code of conduct simply refusing and finding a more ethical business to work for

Integrity tests are designed to assess an applicant’s tendency to be trustworthy, dependable and honest. When a lack of integrity shows, it is usually associated with counter-productive behaviour such as sabotage, absenteeism, violence, theft and disciplinary issues.

When integrity tests are used in conjunction with cognitive ability tests, they can substantially enhance the prediction of overall job performance and add a significant amount of validity to the recruitment process.

The wide range of integrity and psychometric tests we offer can change depending on requirements and changes in the market, but they are always reliable, valid and fair, which is essential in integrity testing.


Rosa Check Integrity Profile (IP200)

This developmental and diagnostic instrument gives the user more than 60 scales to measure integrity, which includes trustworthiness, credibility and socialism. The test takes an hour and can be administered online if required.

Rosa Check Integrity Measurement Tool (IMT)

This is a shorter version of the IP200 and only takes 35 minutes to complete. It is a basic approach which is more direct and overt but is very useful when used for screening people.

Rosa Check Cognitive and Potential Assessment (COPAS)

This test gives a profile of the most important cognitive constructs, which include figurative and analytical thinking in accuracy and problem solving.

Rosa Check Security Officer Assessment Profile (SAP)

As the name of the test suggests, this is designed specifically for testing the suitability of those who want a career in the security industry.

Rosa Check Driver Assessment Profile (DAP)

Used to test the suitability of those who want careers in transport.

Rosa Check Practical English Proficiency (PEP)

Using 15 items, PEP tests verbal reasoning ability and gives a good indication of the individuals verbal intelligence.

There are more tests available which can be given on request. Please contact us for further details of these.