Employee Verification

Employee Verification

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Businesses need to engage high calibre employees of a higher calibre  to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Degree and qualification fraud by employees can be very damaging to an organisation. Verifying the authenticity of employee qualifications is vital to safeguarding your business’ reputation.

Reference verification

Past performance is a good indicator of future performance: reference checks are a crucial part of the recruitment process. Talking to previous employers about a candidate’s performance helps determine their suitability, and confirms the information they have provided on their CV, including

  • Salary claims
    • Positions held
    • Length of service
    • Reasons for leaving

Some applicants may exaggerate their achievements and remuneration – confirming with previous employers will also test the applicant’s honesty.

Degree & certification verification

RosaCheck works with NUC (Nigeria University Commission) and the NBTE (National Board for Technical Education), to verify university and polytechnic degrees obtained in Nigeria and overseas. RosaCheck will also verify professional certifications obtained in Nigeria through bodies such as:

  • Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN)
    • Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM)
    • Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB)
    • Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN)
    • Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPN)
    • ICAN results
NYSC certificate verification

The NYSC certificate is a pre-requisite to gaining employment in Nigeria, irrespective of where the education qualification was achieved. Verification of these certificates is therefore a necessity for employers.

 Guarantor verification

Guarantors are persons willing to guarantee to pay for damages caused by the employee if the need arises. The guarantor signs an agreement confirming the applicant’s employment obligations and consequences if the employee is in breach.

Guarantor verifications are essential to confirming that the person is in a position to pay should the need arise.

Address verification

All addresses throughout Nigeria will be verified to confirm their authenticity and who resides there.

Identify verification

RosaCheck works with the Nigerian Immigration Service and FRSC to verify identity documents and ensure employees are who they say they are.

Credit history verification

Credit checks are generally only done on employees applying to financial organisations, however, a credit check helps employers gauge the applicant’s financial stability and thus reduce the chance of theft in the workplace.