Employee Screening

Employee Screening

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Research shows that up to 70% of people have admitted to lying on their CV. 30% admit to giving inaccurate information on job applications and around 5% do not disclose a criminal background.

Failing to perform thorough checks and verifications can have devastating consequences for a business. Apart from the damage to staff morale, the risk of theft, fraud and mistrust amongst employees far outweighs the small financial cost of running a proper screening prior to employment.

Pre-employment screening will reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person and post-employment screening will minimise any risks over the long term.

Pre-employment screening

Screening candidates prior to employment has numerous benefits:

  • Fewer recruitment mistakes: saving your business money and time, and minimising management problems
    • Reduced staff turnover: getting it right first time means savings on recruitment and training costs.
    • A safer workplace: staff morale is improved when employees know that new staff have been thoroughly checked, have a good track record and are safe to work with.
Post-employment screening

Many employers would never consider doing a check on employees already in their employ. However, much can change for employees over the years, such as their financial status or personal issues which may influence their behaviour at work.

To prevent compromising the safety of staff and customers, RosaCheck advises employers to screen employees periodically.